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Wild-Live started providing Primitive Survival courses in Northern Ireland in 2001. The first courses were taught under a simple plastic sheet strung up with a rope in a coniferous plantation-forest outside Newry near the Mourne Mountains. Students and materials were delivered down with an old Series 3 Land Rover, while the food was prepared (read: "burnt") on a small gas-stove.

The school has grown a lot since those early days. The teaching / working area contains an ample sized yurt and the cooking (Over the fire and on a stove) has been refined to a fine art. There is a "swimming area" and a comfortable compost toilet available right on our broadleaf forest site which is located in 840 acres of extensive forests, small lakes and fields bordering a tidal Lough-shore.

Some things don't change though. Our commitment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your stay. By providing a level of comfort, quantity of learning is guaranteed. While through maintaining small student to teacher ratios the quality of learning is carefully monitored on an individual basis so you can be assured you will head for home with an impressive array of skills you will actually be able to perform on your own.

Throughout the schools growth, the philosophy has always remained the same. It is the same philosophy that was the mainstay of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It is the philosophy of minimising our impact on the environment while turning any impact we do have into a positive one for a healthy present and a better future. It's the philosophy of being close to nature, each other and our common history through learning skills and sharing stories around a communal fire. It is the philosophy of immersing ourselves into our natural world and to learn to view the world through native eyes.

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