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The school has been operating in Northern Ireland since 2001. In this time the courses have taken place on a variety of sites. As the school evolved, so did the locations we teach our courses. As this is written, most courses take place in the National Trust Estate of Castleward. We "lease" a small patch of land there in exchange for providing some services to the National Trust. In that sense, it's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Some courses are also taught in County Wicklow. These courses are organised by Caraig Dulra. If you are interested in a course offered by Wild-Live, but find that Wicklow is more convenient then County Down, please feel free to contact them, as they will be happy to organise a course once there are enough interested parties.

On occasion, certain courses also take place at Anthonio's country-side home near Ballynahinch, County Down, where a lot of space is available in the house, work-shops and on the land belonging to the house. These courses would typically be skills-, or crafts-based courses such as flint-knapping, bow-making or basket weaving. Very often shese courses can be organised as evening courses especially if you're on your own and interested in learning a skill which would benefit a longer study-period. please feel free to enquire.

There are also times when courses are arranged on request of other organisations or charities, both here and abroad. These will not typically appear on our calendar. An example of an organisation that regularly organises courses with us is Shomrei Hagan based in Israel.

Besides the above regular courses, we often work freelance for television, museums and universities. More about this here.

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