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Wilderness Courses...

These courses deal mainly with the skills that can be used in "survival"-type situations, bush-craft activities or wilderness camping. Most of these courses contain a number of skills per course as they are designed to cover a more general skills-range. Many of the courses falling under this bracket are multi-day, and will have you camping out on site. If you are looking for a general survival, wilderness living or bushcraft course, then this is the category for you.

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One day taster course

This would be a good course for you if you wanted to try out what it would be like to learn primitive survival skills. Perhaps you felt you would love to give it a try, but just want to dip a toe in for starters. Perhaps you feel intimidated by the outdoors or the commitment of a longer course. This One-day taster course provides the answer while giving you enjoying a wonderful day out in the woods.

Wilderness Living Basic Skills Weekend

This course deals with the various skills needed in order to ensure your survival. We will be focusing on the four basic needs (Shelter, Fire, Water and Food) and the means to provide these. During this course, you will have to option to stay in the various pre-historic structures provided on-site. Our aim is to ensure you are comfortable during the weekend, so we provide plenty of food, warm and cold liquids and comfortable outdoor accommodation. This course forms part 1 of the week-long Wilderness Living One course.

Wilderness Living Four-Day course

During this course we will start to explore beyond immediate survival. You will be learning more in-depth skills to make your survival experience more sustainable. Various different (More comfortable) shelters will be covered as well as many more ways to provide food and other natural resources. This course does require you to have a basic knowledge of the four basic needs, so you will have to have attended the weekend course or demonstrate your knowledge gained by self-study or through the attendance of another school. This course forms the second part of Wilderness Living One.

Wilderness Living One

Our most popular course which combines the above two courses for a well rounded set of skills that will enable you to survive most anything. You will also have far more opportunity to use the skills we teach during the course while being drawn more into the "wilderness way of life". No pre-requisites are required and our aim is to ensure your comfort throughout the program. While we will encourage you to replace modern equipment with primitive counterparts, you will not be obliged to surrender any modern conveniences.

Wilderness Living Two

This course will place you in a survival setting where you have nothing but the clothes on your back and the knowledge in your head. You will be moving into the forest with your experienced instructor to set up a survival camp and provide all needs from scratch. This is a difficult course with a huge sense of accomplishment once completed. You will be dealing with hunger and thirst and you will experience the urgency to get the basic needs provided for while in a safe and controlled environment. This course is as close as you can come to an actual survival situation without actually being in a life-or-death situation. To attend this course, you will need to have a proven knowledge of primitive living skills learned either at our school or elsewhere.

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