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Start Time:  8AM (on day one)
Finish Time:  4PM (on the sixth day)
Full cost:  250
Deposit:  50
Dates:  See Calendar (Opens new window)

Wilderness Living Two Course

This course will place you in a survival setting where you have nothing but the clothes on your back and the knowledge in your head. You will be moving into the forest with your experienced instructor to set up a survival camp and provide all needs from scratch. This is a difficult course with a huge sense of accomplishment once completed. You will be dealing with hunger and thirst and you will experience the urgency to get the basic needs provided for while in a safe and controlled environment. This course is as close as you can come to an actual survival situation without actually being in a life-or-death situation. To attend this course, you will need to have a proven knowledge of primitive living skills learned either at our school or elsewhere as you will need those skills to survive
This course does not require you to have a lot of equipment available, but below is a list:





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