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Start Time:  9AM
Finish Time:  10PM
Full cost:  60
Deposit:  20
Dates:  See Calendar (Opens new window)

Earthenware Pottery Course

This course runs over a long day. Most of the day-time will be spent building pottery which will be fired in the evening.
All techniques we cover can be done entirely by hand, and would have been used throughout most of our histry before the invention of the potter's wheel. Building-techniques such as coiling and "pinch-pottery" are covered as are various decorating techniques, including burnishing techniques and the effect of adding certain materials during the firing process.
The pottery will be fired in an open fire while still wet. Throughout the course, the science and knowledge underlying the techniques used will be fully discussed.
This is certainly a course for those who like to use their hands and enjoy staring into the fire..
This course takes place on our specialised course-site at Castleward and in Ballynahinch co Down. it is also offered as an evening course on occasion.

Notebook and different color pens
Spare space in your pack to take things home with you.


Some snack food (IE: travel-mix, dried fruits, chocolate)

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