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Start Time:  8AM
Finish Time:  4PM
Full cost:  £50
Deposit:  £20
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Wild Edibles Course

The Wild Edibles course is designed for people who would like to be able to identify the most common wild edibles and how to prepare them. We will also learn to identify common poisonous plants for safety reasons. We will employ a variety of different cooking methods to get the most out of the various foods gathered. We will also cover the use of various plant identification books so you can go home with ways to expand your knowledge of the local edibles in your area.
This course cannot possibly hope to cover every edible plant available, and as such only forms the basis of your own private studies. The course should however give you enough knowledge so you are able to be out in a survival situation and provide yourself with enough food. The course aims to provide a deep insight into what it means to go out and forage for your own food while letting you get used to the various flavours wild edibles have.
Lunch will consist of the various plants we have gathered while fresh fruit will be available. We will make sure there are plenty of hot and cold drinks available for you throughout the day.
The course is taught from our specialized course-site where there is plenty of shelter to work in if the weather is bad. But we will be walking a lot through the estate to gather the edibles we need. The site is about 10 minutes walk away from the car-park, and there may be some muddy areas on the trail to the camp.
This course does not require you to have a lot of equipment available, but below is a list:

¥ Sharp knife (If itÕs a folding knife it has to be lockable!) If you do not have a knife, we would suggest you borrow one from us during the course rather then purchase one as we will explain different knife-types and their benefits during the course.
¥ Plate, drinking-mug
¥ Warm clothing
¥ Appropriate shoes
¥ Rain gear
¥ Notebook and different colour pens
¥ Leather gardening gloves for gathering those awkward plants


¥ Camera
¥ Some snack food (IE: travel-mix, dried fruits, chocolate)

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