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Introducing Vanhang Survival

Early 2016, Wild-Live entered a partnership with a large Chinese company, Vanhang Sailing to set up and deliver a wilderness school in Eastern China operating out of 5+ bases. Each base aims to employ about 10 local instructors and two managers. This summer, we opened our first base in ShenZhen (Close to HongKong). We employed 8 local instructors plus one Chinese & one Western manager and a translator. We had about 200 children attend our week-long survival summer camps.
Now that the summer is over, we've shrunk to 6 instructors and two managers and focus mostly on teaching weekend / day events. We're also developing school sessions and some corporate / adult oriented programs.

Hiring Bushcraft / Survival Managers

We are currently looking for new Western Managers.
Each Vanhang Survival base requires two centre managers. One manager is a Chinese manager, who focuses on equipment, purchasing, local relations, etc. while the second manager is a westerner who focuses on safety, training, programs and staff. This set-up reflects Vanhang policy and aims to combine the best of Chinese knowledge and practice with Western experience.

The package includes:

Contract: Fulltime
Wage: 8500 RMB per month.* (10% of monthly wages retained and paid on completion of contract.)
A Flight home per year
Accommodation (furnished flat & with bills including Internet paid for)
Food & Beverage (During working hours)
Chinese Visa + related costs
*Remember that China is a cheap country to live in. Dinner for 6 can cost around 20.-, for instance.

The main responsibilities are as follows:

Safety: Responsible for implementing, maintaining, reviewing and updating health and safety protocols.
First Aid: Responsible for insuring that all staff are trained in First Aid and that regular drills take place.
Policy & Procedure: Responsible for insuring that all policies in Vanhang are implemented and maintained.
Quality & Training: Responsibility for insuring that the staff teach the primitive skills as they have been taught, with high quality and consistency. (The training aspect will only apply if you have acceptable skill-levels and experience and would mostly revolve around remedial training, not new skills / new recruits training.)
Staff Schedules: Together with the Chinese manager, to create schedules for the instructors.
Performance Management: Monitoring staff's performance and write a report for each member of staff every two months.
Communication: As one of the most senior members of staff on the ground, you are expected to be the eyes and ears of senior management, ensuring that the day to day running is well organized.
Working Relationships: Responsible for fostering excellent working relationships between colleagues.
Staff morale: Responsible for generating and maintaining excellent working relationships and good communication with staff.
Company cohesion: Together with the Chinese Manager, responsible for fostering good relations with the sailing bases while maintaining independence as much as possible.
Other duties: You may, from time to time, be asked to perform other duties by Management. So long as these requests are reasonable management requests and appropriate to the position as centre manager in Vanhang

Required Assets:

Management Experience
A strong interest in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, bushcraft, etc
Interest in working outside in nature.
Must be adventurous enough to enjoy being on an island or in a forest regularly
Willing to work in China with movement between centers
Willing to travel within Europe for training

Preferred Assets:

Experience and knowledge of Bushcraft / Survival skills
Experience teaching in an outdoor education environment
A strong interest in nature itself. This could be as a hobby / personal interest or through work such as a biology teacher


Email your CV and covering letter to: Wild-Live

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